What Are the Advantages of Taking out Real Estate Loan Insurance?




For a real estate acquisition, more specifically with home loans, these types of loans spreading more often over many years, it is very common to subscribe to a mortgage insurance in order to cover itself in case of unforeseen or hard knocks occur. Several institutions offer this service, including Crédit Agricole.

Why subscribe to the agricultural credit for its mortgage insurance?

Why subscribe to the agricultural credit for its mortgage insurance?

The CA provides many supports to facilitate your subscription in mortgage insurance. It provides guarantees, with an insurance rate well suited to each individual, a simplified membership, consistency, flexibility and various options to secure your credit.

  • Guarantees

Total repayment of remaining capital in case of death except for air accidents, sports with motor vehicles, and air sports.

In case of temporary incapacity to work, or permanent disability, the insurance undertakes to pay the entire benefit during the work stoppage under a 90-day deductible.

Underwriting insurance includes support for psychological disorders and disco-vertebral problems without increasing your monthly payment.

  • A tailor-made insurance rate

this page The rate is calculated according to your age and your state of health

It is even possible to protect yourself in case of job loss, an expensive option, but which proves to be very effective in case of dismissal.

  • Easy membership

To subscribe, just fill out an application form, and respond to information about the state of health, the information requested may be more or less numerous according to age and medical formalities may be required.

  • A constant contribution

If you do not change insurers, the monthly payment will remain the same throughout the repayments of your credit until the last time even if a deterioration of the state of health occurs later.

  • Varied options

The insurance can be taken out alone or with a co-borrower.

The bankers offer the possibility of distributing the insurance quota between the two borrowers, provided that the total amount of the loan is fully covered.

With Crédit Agricole, it is also possible to insure your mortgage with the Death – Disability insurance. If you do not want to increase your monthly payment with insurance premiums, then you can use your death and disability insurance in exchange.

If you are a surety for a mortgage granted to one of your loved ones, know that you can subscribe to a mortgage loan insurance as a deposit with the Credit Agricole, this could well save you a burden in addition if never a misfortune arises. Come on this page to discover even more details on the best offers!

  • Flexibility

Bankers give you the choice between several insurers with whom they collaborate, among them, we quote: Adica, the Pacifica, the Predica, the Medical and the CACI.

At the CA, you are free, you even have the choice to change insurer every year .



With Crédit Agricole, you are sure to have good property insurance coverage for a very reasonable price. The insurance takes effect from the moment you signed and at all times throughout the contract. Note also the simplicity of the subscription and the rate well adapted and well adjusted to each subscriber. By joining Crédit Agricole’s mortgage loan insurance, you will have the certainty of being accompanied, supported and protected from the hazards of life, so you can enjoy every moment of your life.