To Conclude Occupational Disability Insurance and Loans

Occupational disability insurance is one of the most sought after insurance policies in Western countries and is also being completed by numerous companies in Austria. It is an insurance policy that ensures that-


The occupational disability insurance ensures that a salary or a pension can be obtained even if the occupation can no longer be exercised. As a rule, there are health reasons that mean that the profession can no longer be exercised and the insurance company has to step in.

The insurance cover is usually worldwide and occurs not only in accidents at work, but also in the free time. There are differences in the amount of the insured sum as well as in the values ​​of the incapacity for work, which are necessary to obtain a payment of the pension. The organization of the insurance in Austria is done individually, so that for each a separate contribution can be determined according to the own pension.

What features must be considered when concluding occupational disability insurance (BU)?

What features must be considered when concluding occupational disability insurance (BU)?

There are many features to consider when completing a BU. In principle, care is taken to see when the full pension is paid by the BU. There are many insurances that pay off the full pension from a BU of 50%. For others, the amount of the pension depends on how high the BU is.

When concluding a contract, it is important to take into account the value that the insurance pays and how much it pays. It is also necessary to ensure that the customers are exempted from the premium in the event of a claim and that the protection of BU insurance is valid worldwide. Is also important to ensure that the protection is not only in professional matters available, but even if an accident during leisure time be subject to a care or a pension.

Here is a list of features to consider when completing a BU:

  • How much% BU will be paid how much pension?
  • Is there a premium exemption in the benefit case?
  • Does the pension also apply to accidents at leisure?
  • Is worldwide insurance coverage guaranteed?
  • How long will the financial supply be guaranteed?

The question of the length of the financial guarantee, or the period over which the pension is paid, is interesting for many. For some occupational disability insurance, the pension is paid only until the retirement age is reached. However, there is also the option that the insurance pays until death, which is convenient if, for example, a care must be paid.

Where is the occupational disability insurance completed?

Where is the occupational disability insurance completed?

In Austria, BU insurance can be taken out by an insurance broker in the office or at the insurance company itself. It is also possible that the insurance can be completed even after a comparison over the Internet, which is of course particularly convenient. Online insurance comparisons can be carried out very efficiently, ie in a short time in Austria.

How much does an occupational disability insurance (BU) cost in Austria?

How much does an occupational disability insurance (BU) cost in Austria?

The BU can be completed in Austria at almost any age, which of course has an influence on the fees, or the annual payments. Depending on these various criteria, such as medical history, age, weight and height, and often also the fact that the person to be insured is a smoker or not.

Of course, the duration of the insurance cover (eg until retirement age or death) also plays an important role. The desired amount of the monthly pension (usually about 1,000 euros) can be chosen flexibly and has an impact on the costs of the BU.

Here is a list of the points that have an impact on the BU:

  • Are there any previous illnesses?
  • Is the person to be insured smoker or non-smoker?
  • How old is the person?
  • How high should the monthly pension be (eg € 1,000)?
  • Are the contributions paid monthly or annually?
  • Should the insurance cover be valid until the retirement age?

There are many important questions that need to be clarified when a BU is to be completed. In everyday life, it is worthwhile to choose a comparison calculator for the BU in Austria, as here you can quickly and efficiently compare a wide range of offers.

The amount of contributions for a BU vary and depend entirely on what the individual offer looks like. Here is a fictitious example for the calculation of a BU insurance.


  • Person: male, 30 years, non-smoker, no previous illnesses
  • Desired insurance package: 1.000 Euro pension with BU, pension payment until death
  • Annual fees for the BU insurance: about. 700 to 900 euros depending on the insurance

The examples can look very different, which is why it is recommended to calculate your own. There are also many sources on the Internet that can be used to calculate a BU and query its personal conditions.

Which insurance companies offer this insurance form in Austria?

Which insurance companies offer this insurance form in Austria?

There are numerous insurance companies from Austria, as well as from Germany, which offer a BU insurance in Austria. Here is a small list of some insurances where a BU for Citizens in Austria can be completed:

  • Uniqa
  • Generali insurance
  • Merkur insurance
  • Ergo insurance
  • Nuremberg insurance