18,000 euros credit – from incredible 156 euros a month

There are many reasons to take out a € 18000 loan. It can be used to finance a new car, rescheduling or settling accounts. Since the loan is very high, it must be well secured. Without collateral, it will be hard to get a loan of 18000 euros. Just a good credit rating is one of the prerequisites.

Quick credit requirements 

  • Cheap and fast credit usually comes from a direct bank
  • Use the attached credit comparison as decision support
  • Submit your loan request to a “stress test” before you make a binding decision
  • For this you apply – completely without obligations – 18000 euros on the loan calculator

Good credit rating – important requirement

Good credit rating - important requirement

Who wants to have a loan 18000 euros, must be able to prove sufficient creditworthiness. In the credit bureau there should be no negative entries. Such entries can have a negative effect on the creditworthiness. If the score is too low, the bank may decline to apply for the loan. The monthly budget the customer owns has to be enough for a loan installment. An important requirement is regular income. Some providers only award a € 18000 loan when a certain income limit is reached. If there is an irregular income, as for the self-employed, the bank may require a security.

Those who do not have a good credit rating can ask a person they trust if they can help as co-applicants. Thus, the loan can be hedged 18,000 euros even if the borrower itself does not have a high income.

Co-applicants – what conditions?

Co-applicants - what conditions?

In order to work as a co-applicant, he must have a good credit rating. He is not allowed to pay off any credits and he does not have a bad credit bureau. The income should therefore be able to provide the most important credit security. The income must be legally enforceable. This has just been increased by 30 euros, leaving the debtor more money. On the Internet, the consumer can inquire, where this attachment exemption limit lies.

Either the co-applicant signs the loan agreement as a second borrower or guarantor. Thus, as a guarantor, he would pay the installments only if these remain from the borrower. If the guarantor and the borrower know each other well, it should be certain that the borrower is solvent enough. A guarantor or co-applicant for a € 18000 credit increases the chance to get the loan as well.

Comparing loans made easy

Comparing loans made easy

Nowadays it is not difficult to compare a loan of 18000 Euro with others. On the comparison portal, the Bankcot currently offers a loan of 18,000 euros with an interest rate of at least 1.95 percent. This results in a maturity of 84 months, which corresponds to seven years, a monthly rate of 229.28 euros. A likewise favorable offer comes from the Creditplus bank.

Here the customer has to look closely. The interest rate varies between 1.99 percent and 10.99 percent. A monthly installment of 229.59 euros must be paid for 84 months. The difference in interest rates is that the credit rating has not yet been tested. Only when the customer has been classified, a precise interest rate can be communicated.

18000 euro credit – from the bank?

18000 euro credit - from the bank?

Not always comes a € 18000 loan from a bank. There are also portals that offer a personal loan. These are becoming increasingly popular, as they are often awarded without credit bureauprüfung.

However, the customer must know which documents he must provide for a loan 18000 euros. So the lenders demand the account statements of the last months. In addition, the last salary statements are required. The employment contract must show an indefinite employment relationship.

Only then can the private lender check the credit rating for a loan 18000 euros. If you want, you can provide credit security. This allows the lender then to give a cheaper interest rate.

Dubious providers – many overlook the warning signs

Dubious providers - many overlook the warning signs

With a credit of 18000 euros, there are also dubious providers on the Internet. Many consumers overlook the warning signals when in financial distress. It does not take much to filter out a dubious bid for a $ 18,000 loan. Once the lender asks for money before a loan is transferred, the fingers should be left off such a bid.

The same applies to home visits or documents that are sent by cash on delivery. For these documents, the customer has to pay money. He then receives information material, but no credit agreement. Such little hints should make the consumer startled. On the Internet, there are many banks that lend a loan 18000 euros.

These never demand money in advance.